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Star valleys

The Star valleys has been created, on the west of Berkeh Khalf village at the distance of 5 km from the southern coast of Qeshm island; with agedness about 2 million years, as a result of soil erosion, stone and sand from wind, rain and storms.

Star valleys Qeshm Island

The valley is one of the rare masterpieces of nature in the beautiful island of Qeshm.

Features and spectacular sights of Stars Valley caused the place to be registered as a part natural monument in Geo-Park of Qeshm Island at the UNESCO.

Geo-Park of Qeshm with beautiful natural and historical monuments is the only Geo-Park of the Middle East.

The Stars Valley and Chah Kouh Valley are astonishing phenomena from erosion of earth sedimentary stones. Stars Valley is one of spectacular sights of Qeshm city, and similar to these geometric formations can only be seen in America.

Chah Kouh Strait

Chah Kouh strait is a valley with depth of 100 meters, and it is another view of sedimentary stones’ erosion. Salt domes and caves in the south of Qeshm Island are very difficult to access and a dirt road gets us there.Chah Kouh Strait

Salt layers, related to the new eras of geology that have risen from the impact with faults of earth’s crust and they have created salt domes; salt caves are located in these salt domes.

The number 3 salt cave of Qeshm is the world’s largest salt cave, with 6 thousand meters length. There is a spiral river in this cave, with 6000 meters deepness and amazing stalactites and stalagmite lime scales that amaze everyone.

Star valley origin

The Stars Valley is in fact, an eroded area from surface waters, seasonal storms and hurricanes. The original plateau that is still more or less remained intact in the northern part, locating in the height between 7 and 10 meters from the valley floor and it is made of sandstone with fragile cement limestone and full of fossil shells.

 Among other visible parts of the valley are sharp cones, erosive columns and columella, arches and spumes and stripe parapets. Due to the poor quality of layers, it is expected that after every heavy rain (which rarely happens) perceptible changes occur, in the appearance of the valley.

At the beginning of 2006, by the order of the Director of Qeshm Free Zone and by the effort of Department of Tourism and Tourism Organization and help of the local people and the Islamic Consultative of Berkeh Khalf village, the access road into the valley has restored and proceedings have done for creating for welfare and health facilities.

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