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Susa city the oldest city of the world

The ancient Susa city has been one of the centers of the ancient civilization and the most famous cities of the world and the several thousand year old capital of Elamite (Elam), as well as the winter capital of the Achaemenid Empire.

History and Tourism Attractions of Susa city

The city is one of the oldest known settlements in the world and it has been founded around 4200 BC.

The ancient city of Susa was the center of Elam civilization, which is located 150 kilometers east of the Tigris River in Khuzestan province.

Susa was the capital about 2700 BC, until the end of the Achaemenid Empire. (About 3,000 years)

In Elam and its capital Susa city, like the Orient in the early days; the woman activity wasn’t limited to home. Women, like men, have the power to sign documents, inherit, testate how to divide her legacy after the death.

Elamite religious had the multiple deism nature; two Gods were of utmost importance in Elamite inscriptions and writings. These gods were called “Hoban” and “Inšušinak”.

The world registration of Susa in UNESCO

After checking the world record file of the ancient site of Susa, this file was registered worldwide; on 4 June 2015, at a meeting of UNESCO in “Ben” city of the Germany.

The file of Shush Cultural Heritage includes; Shavoor palace, Apadana, East Gate, Hadish, the Achaemenid village, Jame mosque of Susa and the complex of the Islamic buildings era, Acropole hills and the French castle.

Tourism attraction of susa

 The archaeological zone of Susa contains a wide area of ​​Susa city, which has placed very diverse architectural buildings and structures of pre-history to the Islamic era.Tourism attractions of susa


Apadana Palace

“Apadana” palace is one of the most magnificent palaces, which has been constructed at the behest of Darius, the great king of Achaemenid in Susa; on the Elamite remnants.

Apadana was destroyed on the attack of Alexander the Macedonian, around 320 BC.

Susa Castle (Acropole)

In 1987, the French “Jean Morgan” came to Susa for research and exploration; to accommodate him and his companions and the maintenance of discovered archaeological works, the highest spot in Susa was chosen; the “Acropole”, and over which a castle like medieval castles and trapezoidal-shaped was built.

The castle is now used as a center for keeping and surveys the artifacts.

Mausoleum of Danial, the prophet

Daniel the Prophet (pbuh) was one of the prophets of Israel; about seventh century BC, he went to Mesopotamia and from there to Susa. The tomb of the prophet Daniel (pbuh) has been made alongside Shavoor River and every year pilgrims from around the world visit this mausoleum.

Susa Museum

Susa museum was opened in 1966, near the castle and Susa archeological site. The museum is one of the most important museums of the ancient relics and it has precious works of different historical periods.

Haft Tepeh

The archeological site of Haft Tepeh (hills) is located about 15 km southeast of Susa and has been made of numerous hills.

The extent of the archaeological site has attracted various explorers.

Haft Tepeh Museum and Restoration Center of Ziggurat has been built near the archaeological site of Haft Tepeh (hills).

Elamite mausoleum with the world’s first lunate arch dates back two centuries before the construction of Ziggurat.

Ziggurat of Susa has been constructed at the time of “Untash Gal”, the king of Elam. This building and the discovered works are the world’s marvelous monuments.

Many of the works are in famous Iranian and foreign museums. This building is 30 km, away from Susa.

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