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Tang-e Chogan

Tang-e Chogan in Kazerun has a unique treasure of works and carvings from Sassanid era and it is considered as one of the valuable historical sites of that era.  The valley, in addition to the six reliefs of Shapur I and Bahram first and second; has placed a huge statue of Shapur I, 6 meters height in Shapur cave.

Tang-e Chogan (Chogan Strait)

The reliefs of this strait are bigger and more patterned than other reliefs of Sassanid era; so that 3 of them have area more than 30 square meters.

If you enter Tang-e Chogan from Bishapur, 4 of these reliefs are in the north and left and two others are in south and right.

The Sassani Shapur, during 30 years ruling over Iran (from 241 to 271 AD), fought the Roman Emperors twice and he could defeat them.

 Shapur in a ceremony that held in Ctesiphon, the capital of Iran; at the presence of Valerians and his Generals, called Iran as the shining sun and the only super power of the world and he ordered to carve the pattern of this victory in several places on Mountain.

The most famous relief is placed in Naqsh-e Rustam and the biggest and most splendid ones are in Tang-e Chogan.

  • First relief; the victory of Shapur I on the Roman Emperors
  • Second relief; victory of Bahram II on Arabs
  • Third relief; the coronation of Bahram I, the symbol of Ormazd
  • Fourth relief; victory of Bahram II over rebels

A relief that Ayatollah Khamenei, the revolution leader of Iran; insists in introducing it to people

The victory of Shapur I over Valerian

The fifth relief, which is located on the right side of the strait and  it is the most intact relief among 6 other ones; is also allocated to the winning of Shapur over Roman Government.

In this relief, the scenes of Shapur victories and conquests over Roman Emperor have been carved; in which Valerian has kneeled in front of Shapur and the body of Gordianus third, the defeated Roman Emperor is under Shapur foot and Shapur took Philippe hand and on the right, the representatives of Sassanid social classes and on the left, the Iranian commanders have been carved. This relief has 12 meters height, 50 cm length and 5 m width.

This is the same relief that, the Great Leader of Islamic Revolution on a trip, which he had on May 2008 to Fars province in a meeting with the chief executives of the province insisted on showing it to people.

In that meeting, by referring to the efforts of some countries to create artificial historical figures; he insisted: the actual figures of Persian history enhance national self-confidence and require more attention.

Kazerun tourist attractions

The Great Leader of Islamic Revolution by pointing to the Greek efforts for showing tourists a vacant desert that Persian army has failed from the Greeks and proving the historical materials with voids, he insisted on showing the relief of Shapur victory over Roman Emperor, Valerian to people and he said: as I heard, the Valerian statue is near Kazerun; the kneeled Roman Emperor in front of the Persian king. Very well, show this place; tit for tat! These entire positive points that show our history.Kazerun tourist attractions

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