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Where is Tange Bastanak (Bastanak Strait)

Tange Bastanak (Bastanak Strait) is one the most beautiful parts of Iran and has excellent weather, which is famous to Behesht Gomshode (lost heaven).  Straits always have special condition and very favorable climate due to standing among two or some mountains. Iran has lots of these spots that each one becomes a favorable destination, especially in warm months of the year.

Introduction Tange Bastanak (Bastanak Strait)

Tange Bastanak (Bastanak strait) , known as the lost heaven is one of the straits with nice weather and it is located in Marvdasht, Fars province.

Tange Bastanak (Bastanak strait) is a preserved region, which has area of 15324 hectares. The strait height is between 1700 to 2700 meters, which this situation causes very pleasant coolness in the hottest seasons of the year.

This region is a predominantly mountainous area with forest coverage that presents dry summers and cold winters. The bedrock of the valley has provided a suitable place for vegetation such as plane and walnut trees and shadow-like plants. The sunlight is very rare on the valley floor, due to these plants and of course it is a positive point in hot seasons.

Tange Bastanak attration

The low natural waterfalls add to the marvelous beauty of Tange Bastanak. The lake behind the dam, “Doroodzan” is near this strait and it has created significant lateral habitation.Tange Bastanak attration

The fresh water of this lake is a suitable place for breeding fish such as carp fish. The strait also has a valuable wildlife that includes animals such as brown bear, hyena, weasel, Capra aegagrus, Iranian hedgehogs, long-tailed hamster, European Badger, wild cat, Persian squirrel, fox, jackal, wild boar, rabbit, species of preying birds, wild pigeon, partridge and a variety of other animals.

Vegetations of Bastanak

The vegetation of Bastanak Strait is mastic, oak, hawthorn, Juniperus excelsa, Wild almond, Daphne, Acer cineracens, Amygdalus lycioides, Amygdalus scoparia, Achillea ptarmica and Thymus Valgaris.

The attractions of Bastanak Strait is not only limited to its vegetation and animal, but also the beautiful cities and villages, which are on the road.

The famous destinations on the way are cities of Beyza and Kamfiruz. Tang-e Bastanak (Bastanak Strait) or the lost heaven in 1378 was selected as the protected area, by enactment of the Supreme Council of Environmental Protection to prevent damage to its ecosystem.

Address of tange Bastanak

Fars Province, 120 kilometers northwest of Shiraz, Marvdasht, Kamfiruz.

Access to the tange Bastanak

Maybe, the road lead to Beyza is the best access-way to Tang-e Bastanak (Bastanak Strait). You can find this route in Shiraz- Yasuj road after Guyom.

Fortunately, the Signs have been installed along this route; which show you the way very well to this lovely region. After passing Beyza, you will reach Kamfiruz area.

You can also enjoy the attractions of Beyza and Kamfiruz. After that, you can find Behesht-e Gomshode (lost heaven) between two villages of “Mahjan Abad” and “Mangan”.

The best time for taking a trip to Behesht-e Gomshode is spring (late of April and March) to the middle of summer. Indeed, winter and autumns also have their special beauties; but perhaps the cold weather would be annoying for many people.

Tange Bastanak areas

The area has facilities such as landscaping, waterfronts construction, bench, arbor, barbecues, W.C and setting the waste bin and these factors has promoted tourism in Bastanak Strait.

Suitable places are considered for those who like to sleep in nature at night, such as stretchers on the water for camping and it can give them a remarkable experience. Of course, you have to pay money for hiring these beds.

If you are interested to know more about the native culture of this region, be sure to visit Dashtak village. This village has many spectacular attractions, which amazed you.

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